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Lumineer Dentist Henderson

There are two types of veneers, composite and ceramic, porcelain veneers los angeles dentists use to damage the teeth or the color of teeth. Composite resin or composite have become popular because of their low cost, but it needs to be replaced every 2-3 years, while the porcelain lasts 10 to 30 years. Although porcelain is more expensive than the composite resin, the demand is always sought by many patients.

One reason why aspects of ceramics are so popular, it could be that the porcelain was the first material for the layers of the teeth. Although there has been progress in improving the representation of the teeth and the restoration of damaged teeth, or from wood, ceramic veneers is still running free, when the researchers found that the risk of fracture. Unlike veneers made of ceramic, composite plates can be easily repaired.

But after some looking porcelain dental veneers Los Angeles, new adhesives and adhesives for use in porcelain veneers, on the left side more sustainable and less likely staining leaves. In addition, the ceramic veneers are made of natural teeth pigmentation, it is ideal for restoring the color of teeth. Last veneer often because the track record from a composite material for the rest of the teeth can be difficult.

A type of porcelain veneers in the dental practice is promising. Lumineers are porcelain cerinate patented it is said to be stronger and thinner than the normal layers of porcelain (so thin that the contact lenses). What makes popular ceramic veneers los angeles lumineers dentists and their patients is application.One common procedure for the application of a porcelain veneer is a reduction of about 0.5 mm of the tooth lumineers, without such preparation. Against the background without shaving or grinding or less, what the structure of the natural tooth. Consequently, the process is reversible in May, which means that patients have their plates and keep the original of the teeth.

Another factor that requested, is obliged to its versatility and flexibility. Against the background has a crown or a bridge, the restoration of pigmentation of use over time. In several cities have been problems in the use of lumineers. The complaint is that, on separate sheets lumineers shortly after the procedure. Reviewers, particularly the lack of transparency, usually with the natural tooth enamel, disposal and cleaning.

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