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How Many Lumineers Will I Need?

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Dental lumineers are custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials that made it easier for the front surface of the tooth, these are also known as porcelain dental lumineers or laminates. This wafer-thin shells are on the front of the teeth thus changing its color, shape, size or length and was put in an improved appearance. The aim of this procedure is to protect the damaged tooth or improve tooth appearance. This is analogous to submit a false fingernail on the existing nails.

Advantages in setting

Each of your teeth is known by a thin cloth hard cover as an email and it is dull, worn and discolored over time, reasons for this are normal wear, genetic or lifestyle reasons - tea, coffee, soft drinks, smoking and drugs. In addition, the teeth are unattractive because of fluorosis, bumps, chipping, cracks, etc. To solve these problems dental lumineers.

The dental lumineers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also protect the surface of the tooth damage. In some cases, dental lumineers replace the requirement for a dental crown eliminating the need for more invasive preparation.

Materials used

There are two commonly used materials for the production of a dental lumineers, which are composites, and dental lumineers.

You can build a composite dental lumineers in the mouth by direct reference to this in turn can be produced in a dental laboratory by a dental technician and bonded to the tooth using a resin for cementing. On the other hand, a porcelain dental lumineers can not be built in the mouth and therefore outside manufactured and assembled later. Dental lumineers are very expensive but last longer.

Reasons for going in for dental lumineers

If your teeth have minor chips or cracks it is better to restore them effectively with the process of binding, as this is the least expensive. Repair of such minor problems by using composite white filling ensures that your teeth are functionally and cosmetically appealing. You can protect bonds a composite material to repair the crack or chip in your tooth and thus the structure of the surrounding teeth.

You should choose this dental treatment under the following circumstances.

* Improve the color, shape and position of teeth
* Close gaps between teeth
* A chipped tooth look like original
* Out of position teeth

Dental lumineers or Whitening

If you have discolored teeth found it is possible for a white smile with tooth whitening process to obtain. Cosmetic dentists advise as far as possible people with simple teeth whitening simple orthodontic alignment instead of dental lumineers combined use. The dental lumineers placement ensures that the design and preparation of all teeth fit custom-made shells. They must recognize that this process completely, you change your teeth structure, so it is not necessary, this treatment if you find your natural teeth properly functioning and aesthetically acceptable.

If your teeth are extremely boring or terribly discolored, it is advisable to go for dental lumineers. Dental lumineers are improving and the appearance of your smile and mouth. If you are old, it will also age your face because your face will be supported by the teeth that are right for dental lumineers application is shaped. In addition to the dental lumineers last longer. The commitment to dental lumineers require much needed on the obligation to tooth whitening, but it might be worth it.

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  2. I wonder, do you know of any San Antonio dentists that use the lumineers procedure?