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Shawnee Lumineers

Ceramic veneers are very thin, the teeth in the form of shells are firmly and permanently on the front of teeth treated. You can even create an alternative to the use of keys for a year or two back teeth. If the teeth are not very difficult from the approximation, porcelain plates can be easily and pleasantly constant misalignment in some visits.

What is porcelain?

Porcelain is a substance, dentistry, such as glass, as the enamel in several ways:

Can the shadow of their natural teeth

If the bonded on the tooth surface, porcelain veneers in one part of the tooth and provides a very strong and sustainable surface absorbs and reflects the light in the same way as we are the tooth enamel. It is transparent so that light in porcelain and rebounds from the adhesive layer. This is similar to the natural light penetrates the tooth enamel and jumps away from the dentin layer beneath it. In both cases the result is that the brightness of the white mother of pearl, a beautiful smile.

Advantages Lumineers ®

1. Lumineers ® are made from a patented type known as the porcelain Cerinate ®. It is a very strong porcelain, which means that Lumineers ® can be very thin. Can also be thinner than 0.2 mm, a contact lens. Plated traditional porcelain is approximately 0.5 mm.

2. Because Lumineers ® are thin, the teeth are not worn or scratched to make room for them. Or anesthesia for the implementation of plans for the tooth.

Lumineers ® by the Den-Mat Corporation, California, a company founded in 1974 by a dentist who is not satisfied with the dental available. Dr. William Cohen, the excellence in dentistry Glenview Glenview, Illinois, was also a pioneer in the search for new formations, new techniques, new products and dental care during his 25 years of dental practice. A stunning smile for many models and celebrities from the media and is an ardent supporter Lumineers ®.

"I recommend Lumineers ® for every person wants, made of porcelain veneers," he says, in the easy chair massage with their patients. "With the care, so in his life, and that also that the porcelain is highly resistant to stains.

Dr. Cohen offers the full spectrum of aesthetic dentistry, in Chicago, Illinois, including the provision of dental spa with all the comforts of sedation and those who are most concerned that a dentist. His personality is friendly, the atmosphere and comfort of their dental practice.

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