Thursday, May 14, 2009

Overland Park Lumineers

With so many options for people with a bright white smile, it seems only one reason why a person should deal with nothing less than his personal record on this day and age. Perhaps you have heard, the porcelain and veneer Lumaneers only wonder what is the difference if they parted.

The fact is that there are some differences and some similarities. To begin, the two are "china", but "Lumineers" is the name for a specialized kind of porcelain veneer. What is the difference? To begin, Lumineers are much thinner than the norm of the porcelain.

In fact, they are 0.2 mm, 00.5 mm for the verses of the tooth veneer standard. What are the advantages of a thin veneer Lumineers to offer? Lumineers are thinner, because he does not shave teeth is required before he is in the tooth.

This means that there are no vaccines or discomfort, so that there is a big difference for many people during her visit a dentist. Lumineers are veneers or have questions, which his natural teeth, according to the installation and on what?

In fact, they were in the teeth looking for people who have been gold for many years and has never noticed the slightest difference. The reason is that the process vennered light on the teeth as the teeth without the veneer process.

Your teeth have a natural layer and when the light is determined by the following visits to the dentin layer in which the light is reflected. Because veneers are translucent, with the duties and behave just like the natural surface enamel on your teeth making for a perfectly natural look in any type of light.

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