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San Diego Lumineers

There are a number of dental procedures, which have the traditional practices associated with the patient to the dentist. Dental care, including the cleaning of the teeth, the treatment of diseases, oral care, assist the patient in maintaining oral hygiene and the prevention of infections in the mouth, diseases and disorders. More to the dentist for one of these centers, many patients consult their doctor to make the look of your smile orally with aesthetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dental offers a variety of options available that are not satisfied with the look of your smile. Some of the procedures to be offered in the field of aesthetic dentistry are money laundering and zoom lunmineers dental implants. Each of these methods may be used to address the problems that the patient May your smile, including very mouth, gums and teeth.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom bleaching of teeth whitening is a procedure used for money laundering can help the patient a smile that's much brighter than what it previously. The process can help your smile a period six to ten colors brighter and lighter than before they happen. The share price of money means the application of a material to isolate the gums and teeth after bleaching layer on each tooth. After the freeze is removed, the white pearl Fluoride is used to reduce the sensitivity.


Lumineers are made of porcelain, the plates are very thin. The signs are on the front side of teeth, only a radical change in the representation of your smile. Many patients decide in the Strait of lumineers a multitude of problems such as permanent stains, GAPP, canceled, or discolored tooth pain and many other conditions. Lumineers are an excellent means of improving the representation of a smile and people are capable of up to twenty years.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a means to replace missing teeth so your smile looks natural. The dental implant is an artificial teeth, which are located in the mouth, a nice smile and a lasting solution. Each implant is a cylinder made of titanium. These artificial dental implant cylinder is in the bones of the jaw and the situation is at the root of a tooth. The best that the dental implant is that it mixes well with all natural teeth, patients with a smile and the feeling to look without pressure. The artificial teeth can be normal to chew and speak.

Everyone wants a perfect smile, but not all people are born with perfect teeth. To the beautiful appearance or oral mouth smile May not aesthetic dentistry is an excellent choice and go.

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