Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cedar Rapids Lumineers

In the past, the plates were the only option for people whose only option for tooth whitening is a varnish on the teeth. This method of tooth whitening anesthesia and requires a degree of preparation for the teeth, sometimes painful, or at least very uncomfortable.

Now that lumineers are, you can use your teeth coated super-white porcelain, without local anesthesia and virtually no pain or discomfort and have always the same result the white light. Lumineers because they are much thinner than the porcelain, which is not that your teeth are ground in all that is necessary to ensure the standard includes porcelain.

Across lumineers it is proven to last longer and resist cracking and evasion, which has always been a problem with the conventional dental veneer. They also cost less, that is another thing that this new technology in aesthetic dentistry a better choice. Your dentist can do more to ensure their non-lumineers smiles tooth whitening, and can also be used to cover the gaps in front teeth and an adjustment of the orientation, so that just looking.

Tooth veneer leave with a feeling of great appearance and toothbrushes, lumineers but this effect is very small because they are much thinner than the norm of the porcelain. Mixing colors Lumineers are much better than the coarse plates, because the colors of the thickness of the plate is better, because their own strength. Today more than ever, there are many more opportunities for someone who is not totally happy with her smile and you see these new procedures, without pain, there is no reason why someone should be less than a perfect smile.

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