Thursday, May 14, 2009

Allergic To Lumineers

What are Lumineers? Are a type of porcelain veneers, which consists of a very hard porcelain. This Lumineers can be much thinner than the plates, as the thickness of contact lenses.

The process of procurement lumineers is the same as traditional veneer.

1. Dentist an impression of your mouth, and the options with the patient. Next on the perfect smile for you.
2. The dentist sends the pressure on the lab with precise instructions on what you want.
3. The laboratory has a wax model from a so-called "wax" and back to the dentist.
4. When the wax on the dentist and patient expected growth and changes deemed necessary.
5. Once the model begins in the laboratory, the final product. It takes about 3-4 weeks.
6. The dentist is a pressure and time for the patient to wear
until it's real life.
7. The teeth are so that the grinding of teeth. (Lumineers assertion that the crushing is not necessary, but if they are not in trouble can be.)
If the teeth are not the country in May plates appears unnatural. Certain conditions are the exception.
Without grinding of teeth can be a man at the top of the tooth. Here you can have problems with tooth decay gum.
Without the draft of the tooth enamel on metal not good commitments.
8. If the storm comes Lumineers are kidnapped, and in the final product.
9. A few days after the start Lumineers can be adapted to bite more comfort and fit. This is normal.

Who is the candidate for Lumineers. Can be used for the treatment of full smile on things like curved teeth, the differences between his teeth, cracking or damaged teeth and the teeth are dirty or discolored.

So, how well you Lumineers cost? Ordinary porcelain layers after about $ 975 - $ 2200 per piece, in which part of the country, you inch Lumineers about 25% less. It is an important industry, but for the average family is always an important cost factor. There are some things you can do to ensure the cheapest.

1. Tour: No dentist can give you the exact cost and without regard to the mouth and that costs money, but many give you an approximate idea of this office IREA.
2. Find out about the discounts and the payment: Dental insurance will not pay for nothing as "cosmetic" for dentists are willing to work with the patient's treatment.
3. Medical Group of savings: There are now medical economies that are affordable and for a lot of money you can save.

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