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Encinitas Lumineers

If you ever have a problem with an organ like the brain, heart, lungs, etc., which will undoubtedly want the best possible treatment for the prevention of diseases, the same regime that is necessary when it comes to the "oral hygiene and health. For many years many people tend to neglect their oral health is the reason that the teeth begin to deteriorate. In addition, most people are afraid of the dentist may be a problem, unless he is in a situation much worse.

When it comes to aesthetic dentistry and dental treatment, restaurants, there are procedures which are very popular because they significantly in the group a smile, simply by orthodontics (brakes), bleaching of teeth and the use of plates that people of all age groups were in a position, your smile. Today we have an effective, efficient and sustainable use of instruments, ranging from the cosmetic dentists in order to improve the appearance of a person, without that, on the surgical procedure.


Patients, the spaces between teeth, cracks or flaking teeth are the best candidates to use plates, the same is true for people who are very worn or discolored teeth. Plated is a receptacle that is on top of a tooth to restore her beauty with the only problem is that the facility that are necessary to the teeth to be changed, in other words, in other words, a layer of the tooth must be removed to the base of the leaf, this obligation is the integrity and structure of the teeth, because the record from May, that patients have their teeth of course once again.

Enter Lumineers

Thus the basic structure of the intact teeth dentist was a so-called light. Lumineers are very similar, the plates are on the tooth during the repair that many of the same remains. However, the main differences between Lumineers and veneers is that much thinner, in fact, they are as thin as a contact lens, but the custom of very strong structure.

The most notable advantage of lumineers veneers lumineers, not necessarily in the tooth needs to be reformed, but it can be printed directly on the tooth without a shift is the reason why the lumineers most people is not the traditional veneer, what was the structure of the tooth.

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