Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marion Lumineers

Lumineers as a kind of porcelain veneer smile shaper "with expressions such as" no reduction of the structure of the teeth (for non-submission of the teeth), no vaccinations, visits to the dentist 2 single final rice "and many others. Even if these statements have one in May from the truth behind them in most cases this is not the case - not when you think of all professional dental cosmetics top side.

Although the popular Lumineers in rare cases can be completed just 2 visits with little or no pain, drilling and preparation, it is not necessarily right for everyone. Everything depends on the condition of the teeth and the screenplay is the best treatment to give the best aesthetic result. If a patient is very large teeth, and that I wanted, the "thin lens" Lumines deposit on the teeth, a certain amount of preparation and drilling is required, so that the result of a better world, a small look. There are also other situations where the patient is not a candidate for Lumineers. We all need a cosmetic dentist.

In terms of color and shadow Lumineers there are a multitude of colors than traditional veneers. Colors and shades are particularly veneer from the doctor and patient, so that the best result is achieved. With Lumineers, there is no change in each gives the same result, regardless of the color of the shadow is for the individual.

By changing the images before and after the Lumineers on the website, you'll see an improvement in the representation of the teeth were Lumineers. I'm not the distrust may result in a change in the person of dental aesthetics, but in comparison to traditional veneers and crowns, the differences are very important. If our galleries and smile, before and after pictures, you can view the spectacular differences in the quality of the aesthetics of our patients.

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