Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Canaan Lumineers

There are hundreds of different teeth whitening products in the world, at different levels of energy and the price is good for you? Many people want tooth bleaching quickly, painlessly and at a reasonable price. For in the bay with tooth bleaching Zoom2 the best choice.
Since its launch in November 2001, the Zoom! Armchair System Bay Area Cosmetic Dental by the tower. In October 2002, the dental care in the world was shaken again with the release of Zoom! Take-Home Whitening System, which is only to take money of goods fast enough to called Zoom! The revolutionary Zoom! Systems for patients, their white smile without your program.
Well, the great experience in the region of the Bay of cosmetic dentists in the Bay of Dentistry is pleased to announce the recent introduction of the new and the improvement of Zoom2, still better than the original. Now 33% faster, you can color white teeth 8 in 45 minutes. In addition Zoom2 patients under 67% sensitivity as the original Zoom! System. Zoom2 is faster, more efficient and more comfortable Zoom? System of money laundering at all. The secret is in the light. The photo-Fenton reaction peroxide and iron produces hydroxyl radicals, aka "terminator point. This new round in the light of the reaction of iron, to which the hydroxyl groups, significantly better results bleach.

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