Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New York City Lumineers

In search of a perfect smile and perfect teeth shiny? Second is the aesthetic dentistry is the perfect solution for you. Aesthetic dentistry is the Dental, combines art and science to improve the oral health optimum aesthetics and function. Visit a cosmetic dentist for the various options available: the control of money laundering, the enamel in the form of collage, dental treatment, bridges, veneers and rubber lift.

Control of the teeth and the reorganization is an immediate dental treatment to the curves of the teeth, the teeth are twisted, flaking teeth, teeth, or even cracks intersect the teeth in one session. Normally means the process of change in length, the shape or position of teeth, to make a more attractive and complete dental treatment, smile. A beautiful smile can be a cosmetic dentist through the reduction of a few millimeters and a few millimeters teeth color role. Cosmetic dentist takes a small portion of the space and a little color of teeth laminated immediate results.

Money laundering or the "tooth whitening" is the common cosmetic dental techniques. While many options available are white, a dentist, cosmetic treatments continues to monitor recommended to the teeth.

Enamel is the definition of e-mail to check for the appearance of the teeth. Can be used by a small chip.

The guarantee is a process in which a tooth enamel as a material on the surface of the tooth, sculpture in shape, hardened and polished.

Bridge cosmetic dentistry is a procedure in which a change in the false teeth to heal itself instead of a tooth for a tooth missing, a beautiful smile. Dental bridges fill spaces where teeth are missing. Bridge for the procedures that are not supported by natural teeth due to viruses and bacteria or caries, which is not only your smile, but also cause problems to chew, to eat and speak clearly. If it needs more then a few facial muscles May, fall, what an old out of the mouth.

Veneers are ultra-thin, rolled, because it directly to the teeth. An option of closing gaps or disguising discolored teeth that are not familiar with the procedures of money laundering. Today a number of options available, one of them "Lumineers, the thin lens and offers amazing results.

Gum Lift cosmetic dental techniques is a procedure that raises and sculpt the gums. The procedure consists in the reshaping of the tissue and / or bone to the presentation of more or symmetrical teeth.

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