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Lumineers Henderson

lumineers henderson
Dental lumineer is another tool in aesthetic dentistry, to help, the perfect smile. In contrast to the crown, all teeth, dental lumineers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain, with only the front of the teeth.

Porcelain material itself is very sensitive, but the process of the plant further to an entry of a beautiful, durable and completely natural tooth. Dental lumineer, the emergence of the tooth enamel and the means for genuine aesthetic excellent restaurants.

Although porcelain has a force which does not respond well, if you a tooth or teeth, they need to avoid is the food that no kind of twist or annoyed action.

Dental lumineers are a multitude of applications, the plates are an alternative for the bleaching of teeth, the orthodontic treatment, crowns and other techniques of aesthetic dentistry. Porcelain layers can be used to the teeth, or chips, in the vicinity gabs back teeth, which the reform and revision of smiles.

Lumineers have a clear advantage on dental crowns, for which there is no obligation on the part of the tooth is not crushed, before the plate glued to the tooth. In addition, the leaves are usually more fun, it offers a more natural appearance.

Taking into account the nature of a plate in the sense that there is more from the side of the tooth, lumineers are used only for the aesthetic restoration of teeth in front.

Receive paint is so easy and a great alternative for those who hate the dentist President. A first visit, your cosmetic dentist is an impression of the teeth and May needed little supervision. The second visit will be used solely for the leaf to stick, you are in a direct and Research fantastic.

With the teeth, which also damaged paint can be used in combination with a crown for a perfect conclusion.

Dental lumineer mainly for aesthetic and are therefore unlikely, you can by your dental insurance, even if you receive a discount if you have a dental treatment.

As with most cosmetic dental assets are not cheap with a lumineer made of porcelain, a copy of the $ 700 to $ 1500, although the end of the fork is more frequent. There is an alternative, a sheet, the composite with a reduced price (about $ 250), but the theme has a shorter life span, and of course does not have the same quality of results.

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