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Toxicity Of Ultrabond Plus, Lumineers

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Dental lumineers is a term used for a certain type of tooth-thin shell, special materials such as ceramics, which describe the surface cracked or broken tooth that many ruins the aesthetics of the oral cavity can be used is made of a person. Plywood is classified as cosmetic dentistry, because they are used to produce perfectly aligned teeth and at the same time give a natural appearance. The technique and materials used in lumineers has been greatly improved compared to earlier versions of them.

Plywood was used for some cosmetic oral abnormalities, such as problem solving:


It is very common that some people are born with a gap between his teeth, this problem may be even more evident as they grow in such cases the use of the conversion of these missiles is an excellent solution.


Tooth enamel is the white matter, and the layers of the tooth substance decomposes naturally grow as a person to commit, but for most of the reason for tooth enamel can be attributed to consumption of a person and consumption patterns, some soft drinks, coffee, tea, snuff always known that the common factors leading to accelerated degradation of tooth enamel.

Natural decomposition

It is very common to bleach the teeth of a person and wear depending on the elderly than is the case, it is not uncommon to receive teeth, chipped and cracked, the use of lumineers can effectively correct the appearance of worn teeth.

There are two basic materials used for the plates can be made from these materials, composites and porcelain, both sides can be produced by a dental technician in the laboratory, however, a difference between the two is that those directly in the composite mouth of a person are made to shape and adapt if necessary. Another difference between the two is that China tend to be much longer than that of composites in the past and are therefore more expensive.

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