Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Much Are Lumineers?

Lumineers: No shots, no grinding, just beautiful smile!

Have you considered using a makeover mouth full, but they were afraid of immunity and the elimination of the remaining tooth structure? The idea that a lot of work done in the mouth beat the excitement of a great smile? There may be an answer that is easier than you think!

We do traditional veneers in our office for many years and each of us has literally hundreds of hours of instruction on their design and placement received. The aesthetic results are amazing, but the process requires a large quantity of drugs and prepare a large number of teeth, for many patients. The tooth structure rather than the patient should be used to extract the time, while the permanent crown.

An alternative treatment has been around what patients are nervous. You can see in your favorite magazine have mentioned. Lumineers veneers are very thin, thin as a contact lens! This allows the implementation of the restoration of the right of the existing teeth without any grinding or preparation within the tooth itself. They add no appreciable thickness to the teeth and are absolutely beautiful.

The lack of need for tooth preparation means many wonderful things. First, it is not necessary for desensitization! Slight deterioration of the teeth, it may be necessary, since the district to shorten the thickness or may be an unusually long teeth, but those changes painless and easy to perform without any problems. So all you have to do is to make an impression or mold of your teeth and send to our laboratory in order to make Lumineers! This leads to an advantage number two: time. The first event will be from 30 to 45 minutes instead of the date of three or four hours to prepare teeth for ordinary plates.

Third, given that it is not moving without tooth comes to speak without the need for temples. You simply your natural teeth. When I adjusted a little, so small that it was probably just get rid of something that was his smile. They usually look a bit better than before and there is no problem with sensitivity. Speaking of sensitivity, which is number four! There is nothing at all, contrary to what you do happen with traditional dishes. In fact, teeth sensitive areas around the gums
product, if the permanent Lumineer is arranged such that the sensitivity disappears in most cases.

Another advantage of this method is that it can be located almost as easy to do. Place them in the traditional dish, you must be surprised for a second time to remove the temporary and permanent placement of all porcelain restorations. Numb with Lumineers, no need, even if the final restorations are placed in. that means no shots at any point in the process!

Finally, there is a cost advantage. These things are much easier to do and much less time in the office that traditional veneers, the price is reduced. The rule prevents a large number of obstacles have been removed it to reach amazing new look that I wanted for a long time!

There are still many reasons why you might go for traditional veneers, however. Getting to time, it gives us an opportunity, a number of teeth, the permanent, we use are similar to type. In fact, get to have new teeth in a study and have the opportunity to make changes before the final permanent mark. If you think a little too long, short, round, strong, flat and voluminous, tell us and we can tell, the laboratory of his wishes. Require misaligned teeth can be very prepared right appear instantly. This is called "instant orthodontics". Would you still Lumineers, you may need some teeth straightening with Invisalign invisible braces first thing that uses a series of thin plastic aligners teeth instead of wires and brackets to move. Ultimately, the biggest in aesthetics. While Lumineers look good and achieve the perfect size and shape of teeth, they are so thin that the depth of color and transparency can be incorporated into the restorations. Lumineers color is quite uniform from top to bottom, as opposed to natural teeth that have multiple colors, and layers of light transmissive regions. Veneers are the norm in traditional beauty.

Only your dentist can determine which method to improve the smile is good for you. Create a consultation to discuss your options and needs. Imagine what a new smile that could light it for you and I know that to achieve even never been easier!

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