Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Much Does Lumineers Cost?

montreal lumineers
We have had many patients come here want a smile makeover, you have heard a lot about the brand Lumineers. They are as strong as an ultra-thin veneer applied and has a great reputation. Because Cerinate are made of porcelain, which is very strong, which is approximately 2 mm thinner than some other brands are made.

Dr. Mavrostomos prefer other brands of veneers, because they feel they are beautiful, but Lumineers can be placed, if in the best interest of their patients. A common complaint among cosmetic dentists in the brand Lumineers is the laboratory, they are forced to use. Due to the limitations of the brand, all orders will be placed in the company of Matt. Many dentists believe that art has no laboratory, and prefer to use a lab to be more willing to follow the specific instructions of the dentist and so passionate about the art of what is working.

Myths about Lumineers
They are the only branded ultra-thin veneers. By contrast, there are several other brands of plates, including Dura-thin.

You need no preparation for the correct placement. While you can place Lumineers without any tooth preparation, many patients find that their teeth looked a little weird at the end and more than 2 mm. The preparation required to place the plates is very low and there is no discernible difference between prepared and unprepared tooth.

Any dentist can place Lumineers. It is true that all dentists are certified Lumineers to get a certification exam space. Unfortunately, the test is not forced to his design talent and put them to prove. Instead, they are only a written test about the procedure. You want to be sure to find a dentist who can give you a nice smile and not one that is simply because Lumineers "easy".

No matter what brand you choose be sure it will be Dr. Mavrostomos a beautiful smile. His co-workers described as a perfectionist, so it does not leave until the smile of your dreams is designed. Click here to learn more about your guarantee of a beautiful smile. To see if you are a candidate for porcelain veneers, call our office to request a free consultation. It has about 10-15 minutes, with Dr. Mavrostomos and ask that you have, and to review your case.

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